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A lioness at a wildlife safari in Uganda at Rubalika Safari Lodge

Game Drives - Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park is the most popular savanna park in Uganda and is one of the best places to see large predators, including the famous tree climbing lions, making it the perfect destination for a Uganda Wildlife Safari. It boasts a great diversity of habitats that include lakes, savannah grasslands, forests and wetlands that serve as home to the biggest variety of large mammals in the country as well as a huge variety of birds.

A chimpanzee during a trek at Rubalika Safari Lodge in Uganda

Chimpanzee Trekking & Habituation

Kibale National Park, located in southwestern Uganda, is a tropical rainforest that harbors a large number of wildlife species that have attracted many tourists to visit Uganda. This national park has contributed widely in Uganda’s tourism industry because it harbors some endangered species that catch the traveler’s eye. Chimpanzees are primates that share about 90% of their DNA with human beings and have been habituated in Kibale Forest National Park. Uganda in total has about 4,950 chimpanzees and Kibale National Park is home to approximately 1,500 chimpanzees. If you have decided to participate in the chimpanzee trekking experience you will be able to spend up to one hour in their company, watching their behaviours and interactions, but if you wanted to spend more time with our closest living relatives there is an opportunity to join the Chimpanzee Habituation activity for an additional cost.

One of the bird species at a wildlife safari in Uganda

Birding Life

Uganda is one of the world’s leading bird-watching destinations and even non-birder’s will be captivated by the beauty and variety of birdlife found at the lodge (especially on our designated lodge walk) and Kibale Forest. The check list of around 450 birds includes several species of turacos, secretary birds, black-bellied bustard, open-billed storks and various types of weaver birds. Closer to the water you may also find the swallow tailed bee-eater, red throated bee-eater, woodland king fisher, francolin, grey heron and hornbills, and at the water’s edge ducks, geese, stilts and plovers.

A tourist walking toward a safari lodge in Uganda

Community Walk

Guided by one of our staff members, who will be passionate to show you their village, home and way of life, this gentle walk lasts between two and three hours and can easily be arranged during your stay at the lodge. All donations from the walk go back to the community and please remember to ask for permission before taking photos within the village.

Pillows for a body massage by the river at Rubalika Safari Lodge, Uganda

Massage By The River

If you are in need of a soothing massage besides the River Dura rapids with the calls of the great turaco birds, crickets and frogs to sooth you, we have you covered. Our massage is an amazing jungle experience, conducted by an experienced masseuse, along with all the essential oils your body requires while on safari; even more so after hiking or trekking! Come and enjoy our massages, including a complimentary 15-minute foot massage after a long day out and about in the jungle, or community exploration. This is an outdoor open massage set adjacent to the Rubalika rapids and the thick green forest of Kibale Forest National Park. This is highly recommended for getting your mind, body and soul treated, and the beauty of it all is that it’s highly affordable!

A local dish enjoyed on the safari in Uganda

Traditional African Foods

We Africans love food and we even have a local saying to emphasize this; “Ggava Mukulya!”, loosely translated, means that ‘energy comes from good feeding’. As a result, we take this to the extreme, regarding good food to be holy, and important. Come and dive into the African cuisine experience from one of our community members specialised in preparing local foods of the Toro Kingdom and Uganda as a whole.

A vanilla vine during the vanilla experience at a safari in Uganda

Vanilla Experience

Did you know that natural vanilla pollinators such as certain types of bees are only found in South America, and predominately Mexico? The implication here is that every vanilla pod you encounter is a result of human manual pollination of each flower that results in a single pod!! We have this experience for you right on the lodge premises using over 11,000 vines planted back in 2017. 


Come and learn why vanilla is expensive, why it requires intensive manual labor, and why the ‘rogue dealers’ and farmers are willing to even die while stealing or protecting the crop respectively. Learn about what it takes to care for a vanilla vine, how many years each vine stays productive and learn what happens to the soil when the vine reaches the end of its productive cycle. And yes, get to learn how to pollinate with your own hands, and plant a vine that shall supply you organic vanilla for good as long as we exist, and for as long as you are willing to pay for the cost of your consignment!

The Grand Rubalika Rapids

The Grand Rubalika Rapids

Running for over a kilometer along the border of the lodge’s property the River Dura (fondly known locally as ‘Nsogya’) has some roaring seasonal rapids along its length and – unashamedly giving a spoiler alert – you may wake up thinking that it is raining as the gushing of the rapids is that soothing. The riverbanks themselves provide an interesting variety of fauna and flora, with agama lizards basking in the sunshine, and you may even catch a glimpse of its larger but much more shy cousin, the monitor lizard, along with many different types of birds.


Golf club ready to tee off golf ball at a safari in Uganda

Golfing Experience

Keep your swing on point on while on safari! We are located in between an 18-hole par 73 course at Kilembe and a beautiful 9-hole course at Toro Club in Fort Portal, Uganda’s tourism city, and we shall tell and show you why Fort Portal has this status. Kilembe Mines Golf Club (fondly known as KMGC) is the longest and most beautifully designed golf course in East and Central Africa, and indeed one of the best and most challenging golf courses on the continent. It is said that if you manage to live and make it in Chicago, you can live and make it anywhere in the world; the same can be said for playing golf at KMGC!


You will be tested to the full at Kilembe, and if you master this course you will then be free to thrive anywhere else in the world of golf. Set in the depths of the Rwenzori Mountain ranges, KMGC is also famously known as ‘base camp’ as it’s the start of the hiking point for the Rwenzori snowcapped mountains. You shall take in incredible views of the Rwenzori Mountain ranges, and Kasese town below, and also the Rift Valley further afield to ensure a lovely round of golf. Additionally, you don’t have to carry your golf bag as a caddie will be provided - we have all bases covered for you.


We shall deliver you to the course, provide all necessary equipment and your caddie, leaving you trouble-free to enjoy the golfing gem that is at KMGC! The same also applies to the 9-hole Toro Golf Club, a beautiful golf course is within the defensive ditches of the original Fort Portal from which the City of Fort Portal derives her name. This was a fortified base for Sir Lugard while he administered over the region on behalf of her majesty, Queen Victoria. Beware that the defensive ditches are in play on the 9th and 18th holes forming serious obstacles to a good score! We shall deliver you to this historical site on a complimentary basis for one round of golf, and a fee for any subsequent ones. Be sure on both courses to make the most of the hospitality and usual sustenance traditionally provided at the 19th hole!

A campfire at Rubalika Safari Lodge in Uganda

Camp Fire Life

In the African setting, fire places have always been classrooms, counseling, and party places. It is here that tradition is told and passed on to the future generations, and it’s also just a place to keep quiet, and be warm. Whichever your reason is for sitting by the fire, we have you covered with two fire places with one placed adjacent to the main lounge, and the other by the pool side bar, complete with comfortable fire place seating.

A goat at our domestic animal farm

Domestic Animals

Our domestic animal farm will take you to the real heart of the farm experience. We have cows for your fresh milk, and you are free to do the milking – under trained guidance – if you like! We also have goats, rabbits, chickens and turkeys, and you are free to have any of these during your stay at a minimal cost.

A brick pizza oven

Pizzeria & BBQ

We have a full wood and chargrill pizzeria and bbq available for guests where our chefs can produce a wide range of pizzas and BBQ foods of your choice. Alternatively you can do the cooking yourself, if you prefer, and maybe even teach our chefs some new recipes or ‘tricks of the trade’!

A farmer prepares to plant a seedling in the ground

Land & Life

Tree Planting Project  we are reinvigorating the natural eco system of Rubalika and surrounding villages by planting an ambitious 100,000 indigenous African forest trees. Every guest to Rubalika has an opportunity to plant a tree, if they would like; this will help counter their safari carbon footprint, and ensure sustained ecological systems. The trees we plant also has the added benefits of attracting more birds and primates whilst also forming a wind break and providing more oxygen.

A tourist at the lounge at a safari lodge in Uganda

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